Donetsk – more buildings destroyed

Despite the latest (temporarily failed) efforts to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and fragile ceasefire agreements, fighting in the Donbass region and especially the area of Donetsk continues and leaves more buildings and infrastructure destroyed. George B translated an article from Russian online news center Vzglyad that tells more on … Continue reading Donetsk – more buildings destroyed

The United States of Russia and India?

With Russia and the European Union being as alienated from each other as during Cold War times (for the benefit of the USA), Russia needs to seek for new allies and strategic partners. This becomes even more important when the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and a potential revival of the Taliban – in the worst … Continue reading The United States of Russia and India?

Russian military doctrine: Afghanistan and ISIS

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a few days ago Russia’s new military doctrine that names NATO expansion as one of the key threats to Russia though NATO claims not threatening Russia. Another potential threat – international terrorism – brings Russia’s security in connection with Afghanistan, Syria and ISIS. How these issues are connected with Russia’s … Continue reading Russian military doctrine: Afghanistan and ISIS

Ukraine – prisoner exchange planned

While media largely reports that yesterdays meeting of the Minsk contact group ended without any progress, separatist sources report today that the parties agreed on a prisoner exchange. 150 captured central government soldiers are to be exchanged with 225 captured separatist fighters. Meanwhile the negotiations are continued via video conferences and a new meeting in … Continue reading Ukraine – prisoner exchange planned

Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

While the Ukrainian government insists that the separatist controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine remain a part of Ukraine, real life facts seem to show that some sort of independence of the separatist areas appears to be inevitable. “Novorossiya” as some sort of (independent or more likely dependent on Russia) state becomes reality that has to … Continue reading Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?