Russian peace keeping forces for Syria

Below is a guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain regarding the Russian SU-24 that has been shot down by the Turkish air force at the Syrian-Turkish border. As a consequence Russia should deploy peace keeping forces in Syria as Hem Raj Jain proposes.


After its fighter plane downed by Turkey on Tuesday, Russia should realize the extremely grave situation and should do the following:
(1)- Turkey is a NATO member (of 28 countries including USA where attack on one member will be considered attack on all members of NATO) hence it will not be possible for Russia to attack Turkey. But at the same time after its passenger plane crash in Egypt last month by ISIS [having sympathy from Turkey due to Kurdish factor where ISIS has been killing Kurds (including in the territory of Turkey with the approval of Turkey) who are demanding independence from Turkey]  if Russia does not give befitting reply to Turkey and its various Allies then Russia will lose face & ground to such an extent that it will be impossible for Russia to recover.
(2)- Therefore without any further delay on the invitation of Syrian Government Russia should ask military of every other country to leave Syria and Russia should put boots on ground (Russian Peace Keeping Force, RPKF) in entire Syria and get Syria rid of every type of terrorist, militants etc (including so-called moderate rebels). As far the financial burden of this expedition Syria is oil rich country and Russia can easily  recover the cost of this peacekeeping & stabilization program in  Syria.
(3)-  Russia need not bother how will it come out of Syria once peace and normalcy is returned in Syria by RPKF. Because Russia can regulate the vital political process of Syria by keeping head offices of two institutions registered at Moscow for (ii)- Multi National Political Parties (MNPP) which will also be allowed to contest election in Syria (ii)- HRNGOs [registered at Human Rights Commission of Russia  which will ensure human rights in Syria too on the pattern of Mandatory Protocol MP-1 (and not OP-1) of ICCPR of UN ] which will provide volunteers (from other countries too) for assisting in elections (under secular and federal constitution) and other civilian work during stabilization process in Syria..
Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Edina – MN, USA.
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