Novorossiya (“New Russia”) initially described an historical area that covers parts of today’s Russia and Ukraine. It was part of the Russian Empire. The armed separatists allegedly backed by the Russian government and others refer to this historical term regarding the confederation of the two self-proclaimed states Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic within the national boundaries of the Ukraine.

Area of historical Novorossiya

Currently neither the Federal State of Novorossiya nor the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic are internationally recognized except the latter two which are only recognized by the South Ossetia that itself has only limited international recognition.

Since early summer 2014 the area Novorossiya is subject to heavy fighting between Ukraine government forces and separatist groups. While the separatist forces seem to be supported by the Russian government with weaponry, training and troops, the Ukrainian government that is considered as pro-Western is backed by the West.

Note: Novorossiya.today uses the term “West” to describe the European Union and the USA together.

100 years after the beginning of the First World War Europe experiences a violent conflict that rises fears of a new confrontation between the “East” (here: Russia) and the “West” and is allegedly fueled by both sides. As the name hints, Novorossiya.today strives to cover news from and about Novorossiya and any aspect linked to it. Currently the main weight lies on the violent conflict in the wider area. Concerning this conflict, one focus shall lie on the analysis of media coverage in general and especially in different countries that might have governments with different attitudes towards Novorossiya, the conflict itself and the sides participating or playing a role in it.

Novorossiya.today aims for objectivity and strives to not take sides. Our main goal is to find the truth beneath all the lies, false or misleading information that are being spread by all sides. In the end it’s all once again mostly about geoeconomic and geostrategic interests and these unfortunately seem to count more than life.

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Update March 2015:

Unfortunately – for personal reasons – I can not dedicate as much time in updating  novorossiya.today anymore as before. Although there still is a lot to write about almost every issue around the Ukraine conflict, Novorossiya and the tightened relationship between Russia and the West, my time is not sufficient to provide updates at least once a week. This is also not going to change in the near future even with the war in Donbass / Ukraine being far from over.

Therefore I decided that I will offer this domain / website for sale to give others the opportunity to write and report about Novorossiya and related topics. If you are interested to buy this domain / website please send me a message via the contact form.

Naturally I will continue updating this site and writing articles as good and as often as I can, but unfortunately it will be on a less regular basis.