AI – separatists executed Ukrainian POW

Amnesty International accuses “pro-Russian armed groups” for torturing and executing Ukrainian prisoners of war (POW). According to the organization the Ukrainian prisoner of war Ihor Branovytsky, who was captured at the Donetsk airport, was hit and executed by a separatist commander. Amnesty International refers to video footage it reviewed and to alleged eye-witnesses.

Amnesty International states that three other Ukrainian prisoners of war have been killed in an “execution-style killings“.

Also the commander of the separatist group “Sparta Battalion” Arseniy Pavlov, better known under the nickname “Motorola“, has allegedly confirmed in an phone interview with the Kyiv Post that he has killed 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war.

As the killing of prisoners of war is against international law, Amnesty International demands an objective investigation of these accusations.

If truth is the first casualty of war, innocence comes right after it.


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