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Russia-sanctions: EU cheese help failed

When Russia sanctioned dairy products coming from the European Union in late summer, the EU-commission initiated an financial support program for European cheese producers that are affected by the Russian boycott. The purpose of this financial support program was to help those producers of cheese that are most severely affected by the Russian sanctions dairy … Continue reading Russia-sanctions: EU cheese help failed

Separatism – the trend of the 21. century?

Not only the Eastern parts of Ukraine allegedly strive for independence (or for joining the Russian federation), also elsewhere people strive for separation from their central government. Scotland decides next week whether it will continue it’s path without London, Venice had a poll on a separation from the central government in Rome and are several … Continue reading Separatism – the trend of the 21. century?

The Ukrainian stab-in-the-back myth?

A recent video report from Vice News was particularly interesting since parts of it can remind on the so called the stab-in-the-back myth after World War I. According to this stab-in-the-back myth (German: “Dolchstosslegende“), politicians, social democrats and Jews stabbed the fighting and German army that was considered by many of it’s members as undefeated … Continue reading The Ukrainian stab-in-the-back myth?

Ukraine-conflict – the wider consequences

While fighting in Ukraine goes on and Ukraine government forces are on retreat, it becomes clear that the war for New Russia (Novorossiya) already has and will have wider geopolitical consequences. According to media reports there is strong evidence that Russian army personnel and equipment is active on Ukrainian territory. A Russian tank battalion allegedly … Continue reading Ukraine-conflict – the wider consequences