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Russia-sanctions: EU cheese help failed

When Russia sanctioned dairy products coming from the European Union in late summer, the EU-commission initiated an financial support program for European cheese producers that are affected by the Russian boycott. The purpose of this financial support program was to help those producers of cheese that are most severely affected by the Russian sanctions dairy … Continue reading Russia-sanctions: EU cheese help failed

Ongoing violence in Ukraine

Despite a cease-fire and peace plans violence and fighting in Ukraine continues. A few weeks before Ukrainian parliamentary elections on the 25. October, media reports of casualties – including civilians – on a daily basis. Especially the area around Donetsk airport is reported to be subject to fighting between armed groups. Apparently the pro-Russian separatists … Continue reading Ongoing violence in Ukraine

Reuters’ column: No economic interests in Ukraine-conflict

Edward Hadas, a columnist for, writes in an article that the Ukraine-conflict would show that money “isn’t the root of all war“. According to Hadas, economic interests play no role in the ongoing Ukraine-conflict. Hadas states that “economic explanations are inapplicable to the strategy of Vladimir Putin” and that “power is clearly more important … Continue reading Reuters’ column: No economic interests in Ukraine-conflict