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No peace in Donbass

Since the Minsk agreements there never really was a real peace in the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. Fighting continued though in a decreased intensity. In the recent months and weeks fighting in the Donbass region has intensified again, claiming a growing number of victims on both sides. The  death toll has increased to at least … Continue reading No peace in Donbass

Kramatorsk – use of cluster ammunition confirmed

The latest news from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine also confirms that cluster ammunition was used during the rocket artillery strike on Kramatorsk on 10 February. According to the OSCE all missiles were fired by one single MLRS either BM-30 Smerch or 9A52-4 Tornado. All of them contained cluster  sub-munition with anti-tank … Continue reading Kramatorsk – use of cluster ammunition confirmed

Kramatorsk attack – cluster ammunition used

Today the city of Kramatorsk and the Ukrainian military headquarter located at the Kramatorsk airport have been hit by rocket strikes that according to Ukrainian government sources were fired from separatist positions in Horlivka which is in roughly 50 km distance. The attacks killed at least seven civilians. A team of the OSCE witnessed the … Continue reading Kramatorsk attack – cluster ammunition used