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Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

While the Ukrainian government insists that the separatist controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine remain a part of Ukraine, real life facts seem to show that some sort of independence of the separatist areas appears to be inevitable. “Novorossiya” as some sort of (independent or more likely dependent on Russia) state becomes reality that has to … Continue reading Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

Ukraine divided into separatists and “fascists”

One son joined Ukrainian volunteer troops to fight in the East while his brother and his mother sympathize with the pro-Russian separatists. This is how far division amongst some Ukrainian families is apparently going when it comes to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine as an interview from German magazine ZEIT-Online suggests (use google translate). The … Continue reading Ukraine divided into separatists and “fascists”

Separatism – the trend of the 21. century?

Not only the Eastern parts of Ukraine allegedly strive for independence (or for joining the Russian federation), also elsewhere people strive for separation from their central government. Scotland decides next week whether it will continue it’s path without London, Venice had a poll on a separation from the central government in Rome and are several … Continue reading Separatism – the trend of the 21. century?