Donbass of destruction

The official number of  fatal casualties as a result of the war in eastern Ukraine  (including many civilians) is reaching the mark of 5,000 soon and efforts to achieve peace or at least a lasting ceasefire are mocked by continuing fighting leading to more death and destruction. The once so great airport of Donetsk has become a devastated landscape of ruins and bomb craters. The OSCE mission trying to monitor the implementation of the Minsk protocol seems to get under fire on a regular basis, maybe it is only a question of time until a member of the OSCE gets hit by a bullet and the last relatively neutral observer leaves the battlefield thus leaving coverage of the conflict completely to the propaganda machinery of the conflict parties.

Maybe one can ask if it was all worth it? One side fighting “fascists” the other one “terrorists”, leaving the “boxing ring”, home of a million of people back as a destroyed wasteland with a devastated economic future. “Who won?”, people will ask then. The central government? The separatists? Or Russia or the USA? What kind of victory is that, where the price is a ruined peace of land whose people lost everything?

The area of “Novorossiya” or eastern Ukraine (call it as you like) will be badlands, infested with mines and unexploded ammunition with its infrastructure, industry and economy successfully fought back to the standards of 1945, not mentioning potential ecological disasters.

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