Donetsk – Severe shortage of medical supplies

Donetsk’s three main hospitals suffer despite receiving some supplies from Russia under a severe shortage of supplies including drugs and fuel as the latest OSCE report informs. 98 patients are in danger of dying if their dialysis machines don’t receive immediate maintenance.  Modern dialysis machines cost several thousand US-Dollars per unit and containing sophisticated technology they require professional maintenance service. Hospital staff has according to their directors not been paid since November (the time when government stopped payments to public institutions in separatist controlled areas).

The OSCE report also states that ceasefire violations including the use of artillery have significantly increased during the last 24 hours thus further complicating the delivery of humanitarian aid to the conflict zone. For example an aid convoy from Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without orders) could not reach Luhansk due to shelling.

Side note: A tourist guide line for Donetsk on health and other issues reads strangely nowadays.

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