Fighting in Ukraine – hot spots

Currently the war in Donbass does not get as much attention by the media as several weeks ago and it sometimes seems that the whole world believes Minsk II solved the conflict in Ukraine.

Taking a look on the reports from the war torn region in eastern Ukraine for the last week, suggests otherwise. Although fighting is not as intensive as it was two months ago, it still continues almost along the whole line of contact and especially in certain areas. Sure, the use of artillery has reduced, but is still used though and besides that you can kill each other and civilians also without artillery.

Below are two maps that show the current hot spots of the Donbass war. Both show how often fighting was reported from certain areas from 22 to 29 March. The red color indicates heavy fighting with several reports. Every report on any kind of fighting / exchange of fire was considered, from reports of short machine gun bursts to long lasting shelling with heavy artillery. The maps do not claim to be 100 % accurate, their purpose is to visualize which areas currently are in the focus of combats.

The first map is based on the OSCE SMM reports. Here one has to consider that the OSCE teams might not always be able to identify the source of explosions or gun fire. Theoretically it could also result from shooting practices if not visually confirmed by the OSCE.


The second map is based on reports from Ukrainian media as they can be found e.  g. here. Here one has to consider that the Ukrainian media might be biased and exaggerate fighting / shelling incidents.


The maps speak another language than the silence of the (Western) media. Fighting in eastern Ukraine is going on despite Minsk II. It is especially intensive in the area north-west of Donetsk (Donetsk airport) and east of Mariupol at the village of Shyrokyne. Both, Ukrainian media and the OSCE confirm that. Additionally, based on the Ukrainian news, smaller hot spots of fighting are also in the northern parts of the front line.

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