Finland accepts nuclear deal with Russia

Today the Finnish parliament agreed on the highly criticized nuclear deal with Russia. With 115 to 74 votes the Finnish parliament approved the plan of constructing a new nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki, delivered and partly owned by Russian Rosatom. The vote was overshadowed with an failure during the voting procedure. One vote against it was not registered and the member of parliament considered as not present although she voted against the nuclear project.

Many observers question the economical profitability of a new nuclear power plant which will be operational earliest in 2020-2030 and is then expected to compete with much lower electricity prices from renewable energy sources such as wind power. One might ask the question whether the Finnish government intends to build a new approach of the West and Russia upon this nuclear deal. In light of EU sanctions the Finnish plans seem to alienate Finland from the West as international observers note. Using the deal as a motor to normalize and improve European and Russian relationship could bring benefit to all of Europe (including Russia), although the project’s economic profitability is questioned.

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