Finland closes electricity deal with Russia

Despite current EU-sanctions on Russia and Russian counter sanctions, Finland, until 1917 part of the Russian Empire, closed a deal on mutual electricity transfer with Russia.

Finnish national electricity grid operator Fingrid and its Russian counterparts signed a deal on 7  November 2014 enabling Finland to sell up to 320 megawatt of electricity to Russia. Before that deal only Russian grid operators were selling Russian made electricity to Finland. According to the deal Russia can sell up to 1400 megawatt  to the Finnish market.

Some observers note that Finland is currently moving closer towards Russia as in September the Finnish government approved the plans to build a new nuclear power plant with Russian help. The government’s decision came only a few hours after the European Parliament published a memorandum demanding to quit all energy related projects with Russia. International observers speak of a a new Finlandization-process with a significant amount of the Finnish population turning more and more towards Russia and being in line with some Kremlin political views (e. g. sharing the negative attitude towards homosexuality and gay-marriage) as some critics stated.

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