Gorbachev interview – what RT didn’t tell

When criticizing media for biased or false coverage on the conflict in Ukraine it is important to take a close look on all sides as really neutral and unbiased coverage on this issue is almost impossible to find. The old saying that truth is the first casualty of war has been proven right in nearly every conflict of mankind, the war in Ukraine makes no exception. Russian media is surely not the voice of truth and unbiased in coverage on Ukraine as some want to believe. Biased news coverage must not necessarily be characterized by providing wrong or misleading information, it can also be selective perception or rather selective coverage instead. One such example is RT’s article about the about three hour interview that German news magazine “Mikhail Gorbachev. RT only reports about that part of the interview where Gorbachev criticizes NATO and the West, but generously leaves out the parts where Gorbachev criticizes Russian president Vladimir Putin and his policy. Naturally one could argument that this was simply forgotten, but who believes in such excuses nowadays? Luckily the whole, really interesting interview can be read in English on Spiegel-Online.

In this interview Gorbachev criticizes Putin and his policy. He sees the Cremlin’s conservative policy as mistake and Russia only on the half way to democracy.  Gorbachev also states that Russia won’t progress “without democracy and popular participation“. He even criticizes corruption in current Russia and the oppression of freedom of speech, naming as popular incident the highly controversial arrest of critical blogger Aleksei Navalny.


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