India to pick sides in Ukraine conflict

Today’s guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain deals with Obama’s latest visit in India and what it means for India’s position in the Ukraine conflict and its relationship to Russia. According to Jain, a common Russo-Indian state (described in previous articles) would be beneficial for both sides as he expects the realization of Novorossiya and a military reaction of the West where India would have to pick sides. Read the contribution below. Comments from Novorossiya News are in curly brackets { }.


India and even Russia will do well if go for ‘RUSIND’

New developments in Ukraine have rendered Indo – US bonhomie, meaningless as I explained here {in short: Hem Raj Jain expects the separatists with support of Russia to  realize Novorossiya and that USA and the West will react militarily. As result of that everyone, including India, has to choose sides}

Some people are saying that India has already taken sides when during the recent visit of president Obama to India, USA has involved India not into some economic partnership with Pacific countries (including Japan and Australia), but what leading US newspaper say that in Obama’s goal of “security network which India could help balance China’s influence”.

But this is an overstatement. Obama is yet to know that India is quite capable of speaking in different voices at different occasions. Let External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and PM Modi go to China in 2015 itself and then Obama will find that how India talks in pro-China tone over there. India’s such ambivalence, prevarication and pusillanimity are quite understandable because:-

(1)- War cry behooves only those who are competently powerful, militarily. The Government of India (during this Obama visit) had fallen into the megalomania of boasting about being capable of balancing China’s influence in Pacific because of the megalomania of ‘Sangh Parivar‘ (hence of PM Modi) about India as a power to reckon-with in its region. But  India knows that China has not become a world power (with a GDP even more than of the USA in PPP terms) out of some fluke. Once India does something (with military implications) in pursuance of the goal of said “security network against China” then India knows that China will see to it that instead of India helping Pacific countries against China – India will be rendered to a situation where India will become thoroughly dependent on USA to guard itself against China [and India knows that this is precisely what the USA wants where like Pakistan (in old days before it became ‘irreplaceable all-weather friend’ of China) and like Israel  (even presently) – India will also become crucially dependent on USA for its even very survival].

(2)- India  knows very well that If provoked militarily by India in Pacific region then China can trouble India on three counts :-

(i)- China will not only escalate border firing and incursions, but may even try militarily to snatch allegedly its territory of Arunachal Pradesh {region in India’s northwest next to China} from India.

(ii)- May help Pakistan in snatching militarily, Muslim majority Kashmir (if not non – Muslim Jammu & Ladakh) from India.

(iii)-  As explained here – [Greatest danger from China – ‘not border dispute, but threat to democracy’]

China may easily try to strengthen Naxalites (Marxists) in order to finish democracy from India (especially given the fact that now everybody has realized that due to his bonhomie with USA and other countries, Modi may bring some foreign  investment in India which may increase GDP a little bit and which will mainly benefit ‘Haves’ of India but it will hardly have any worthwhile impact on removal of huge unemployment / under-employment from ‘Have-nots’ of India).

(3)- As far India’s  stand on Ukraine developments, explained by PM Modi to President Obama, summed up as  –  “[India does not want Russia’s importance, in any way, to be reduced]” – this is merely a bragging by India because when Christian NATO countries and Russia are engaged in gory conflict in Ukraine who bothers what is wanted by India [a martially deficient country which (what to talk of retrieving Indian territory from China) has been blocked in SAARC for the last 40 years by a country one sixth of India namely Pakistan, which tried many time through war and proxy war to take Kashmir but India did not try militarily even once to retrieve POK ].

In a nutshell, India and even Russia will do well if they go for ‘RUSIND’ as explained in my said published letter about the Ukraine crisis.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India


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  • Ranjit B Rai

    While Hemraj has a point…..the line Hemraj says that India can talk in different voices at the same time…gives Modi ability to gamble with support from USA and Israel for a period to make India stronger and keep Russia happy with sops and hopeful, and keep talking peace to China and face Pakistan …Then ditch who we like ! the Navy will need beefing but for that you need sane Naval experts not RSS VHP honchos in command

  • Mr Hemraj has advanced very cogent arguments which should set us thinking and acting. Any expectation and hope worst a gamble that US and Israel will tender us to become strong is pipe dream . Jews and Americans have shown little inclination for making others strong, living up to their commitments and obligations least strike any lasting bond of friendship on principles. Their overtures are laden with insidious contrives and we should be wary of this. Our only salvation is to go alone and temper sinews from within with own forte and not doles from others , tighten our belts where needed.Russia has been a tested friend and this relationship should be progressed along multiple prongs specifically in military hardware which is mist rugged and already core of our inventories the and in energy fields along with Iran. We should adopt a support nationalist aspirations at home and in our view of the world which is colored and in grips of free market capitalism which can sustain only on strife. Why we should recognize Crimea as part of Russia . Support Assad and Iran .