Minsk failed again?

Today media in the West reported of increased fighting in the Donbass region, especially at Donetsk, thus endangering the current so called “ceasefire” based on the Minks II agreement.

Leaving out the question of Debaltseve, the daily reports of the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine were/are not really backing the theory that the latest ceasefire is really working since fighting – including heavy weapons that according to Minsk II should have been withdrawn by both sides – never stopped at several locations. For example fighting around Donetsk and at Mariupol continued throughout the ceasefire though on a less intensive level as before. Violent incidents or clashes occurred and occur on a regular basis with both sides blaming each other for being responsible. So in that respect today’s media articles are bit late with their “new” insight.

Also some observers claim that pro-Russian separatists – backed by Russian troops – are advancing on several spots while Ukrainian government troops are allegedly retreating without fighting back. Currently it seems that “something is going on” and that the conflict in eastern Ukraine and related to it between Russia and the West is far from being over. The low expectations that Western politicians put into the Minsk II protocol could have been justified.

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