Multiple civilian casualties in Donetsk

Today was once again a bloody day for the remaining civilians in the conflict zone in east Ukraine, namely Donetsk. In reportedly several incidents of shelling taking place at a humanitarian aid center and a bus stop at least 12 civilians have been killed. The Ukrainian government and the separatists accuse each other of being responsible.

Meanwhile a meeting of the Minsk contact group under mediation of the OSCE scheduled for today has been cancelled. According to German media quoting separatist sources the Ukrainian government delegation cancelled the meeting on a short notice. As the spiral of violence seems to get even more out of control with a peaceful solution moving to a far horizon and rising tensions between Russia and the West, the world might not have seen the climax of this devastating conflict. Reports of deserting Ukrainians trying to evade military service in the recent mobilization and speculations of another big cauldron of Ukrainian troops after the battle of Ilovaisk in Debaltseve could suggest that the situation from the Ukrainian point of view – not to speak about Civilian life – is becoming worse.

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