New offensive in Ukraine

The leader of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), Alexander Zakharchenko, announced in a statement to Interfax  a new offensive against government troops. Ukrainian officials are confirming a rebel offensive against government positions.

This announcement and the apparently already started offensive naturally neutralize all diplomatic efforts for a peaceful solution of the conflict. The Minsk protocol never was implemented properly and as it should now be clear to everyone failed as discussed in an earlier article. Zakharchenko told Interfax also that the rebels are not going talks on a ceasefire anymore.

While the separatists start a new offensive, the Ukrainian government claims that 9,000 Russian troops were on Ukrainian territory fighting against government troops. Also NATO claims to have observed signs of increased Russian military activity in the region.  The latest signs around the conflict in Ukraine can clearly be interpreted as a new escalation of the conflict with the potential to drag a significantly larger amount of people especially civilians into a loop of death and destruction.

Despite all these voices for freedom for Novorossiya from Kiev or Ukraine from Russia or the alleged fight against terrorists (Kiev) or fascists (separatists, Russia), it must not be forgotten that this conflict is primarily about geostrategic interests. What the people want – be it independence from Kiev, an united Ukraine or just peace and prosperity – comes on the second place. In the history of mankind holders of power (nations, emperors) always had (strategic) interests that did affect other people. In Ukraine there is a clear Russian interest as well as a Western, mainly US-American interests. When there is an interest there is also involvement of different kinds, direct military, political, economical, etc. involvement. These geostrategic interests are fought on the back of the Ukrainian people – in the West as well as in the East, but it seems that many don’t want or can’t see this crucial aspect of the whole conflict in Ukraine. Fuck freedom and independence it’s only about money and power – “always was, always will“.

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