OSCE-team under fire at Donetsk

OSCE reports that one of its team currently deployed in Eastern Ukraine to watch over the not existing cease fire has been attacked near the city of Donetsk.

A team of three OSCE monitors were traveling between two Ukrainian army checkpoints escorted by Ukrainian military. Arriving at a checkpoint near Shumy one monitor exited the vehicle when almost immediately a rocket-propelled grenade was fired and hit the ground in about 150 m distance. Also several rounds of 23mm anti-aircraft ammunition were fired, hitting a spot two to three meters away from the OSCE vehicle. The monitoring team left tha area and safely returned to their base.

This is the second incident within two weeks where members of the OSCE team have been fired upon. Only ten days ago an unidentified person in camouflage uniform opened fire towards an monitor team. Also in that case no OSCE personnel has been hurt and the attacked team could return securely to their base.


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