AI – separatists executed Ukrainian POW

Amnesty International accuses “pro-Russian armed groups” for torturing and executing Ukrainian prisoners of war (POW). According to the organization the Ukrainian prisoner of war Ihor Branovytsky, who was captured at the Donetsk airport, was hit and executed by a separatist commander. Amnesty International refers to video footage it reviewed and to alleged eye-witnesses. Amnesty International … Continue reading AI – separatists executed Ukrainian POW

Ukraine in the claws of the agroindustry

Western and Russian interests collide in Ukraine in several economic and political areas as discussed e. g. here. One economic area that has recently attracted more attention in the mass media is the Ukrainian agricultural sector which is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investors from Russia, the West, but also Saudi-Arabia. The fertile Ukrainian soil … Continue reading Ukraine in the claws of the agroindustry

“Battle break” in Ukraine

While media has become less interested in the conflict in Ukraine in the general belief that the recent ceasefire is holding, the situation in eastern Ukraine actually remains critical. Both sides claim to withdraw their heavy weapons according to the Minsk agreements, but the OSCE can’t – as only neutral observer – confirm those withdrawals … Continue reading “Battle break” in Ukraine