Poland and Lithuania supplied Kiev with weapons

The president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA), Ilkka Kanerva, told a Finnish news paper that Poland and Lithuania already delivered weapons to Kiev. Both countries are NATO members and support the idea of support the Ukrainian government with lethal weapons. Kanerva thus confirms suspicions that some observers already had.

The available news article does not tell what type of weapons where delivered to Ukraine and when. This information comes right at a time where the leaders of Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine as well as representatives of the separatists are allegedly about to sign a common declaration towards a possible peace.

Update: The full article of the Finnish news paper (Keskisuomalainen from 12.2.2015) reveals Kanerva’s confirmation that Poland and Lithuania have delivered weapons to Ukraine. However, it doesn’t specify what kind of weapons exactly were delivered.

When it comes to the general discussion of delivering weapons to the Ukrainian government, then Kanerva’s words in the role of the president of the OSCE PA can be seen as an official confirmation that this has already happened. Weapons  have been delivered to Kiev – by two NATO members. Probably this will be considered in future discussions about supplying the Ukrainian government with weapons.

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