Russia must assimilate Novorossiya

Many might ask themselves today after yet another blood bath how to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine resp. “Novorossiya”. While a peaceful solution again seems to have moved to a far distance, there are hopes and expectations set to Russia in a different kind of solution – incorporating the area of “Novorossiya” into Russia by full military means if necessary. Today’s guest contribution by Hem Raj Jain deals with this topic and prompts the people of the separatist regions to get Russia and its people more involved into solving the conflict in Ukraine in that way.

Unless publicly question the apathetic policy and attitude of state and people of Russia – the people of Novorossiya will not get relief

Russian media reported that Germany wants Russia to give Crimea back to Ukraine which of course Russia will not (as it was taken after violent protests and military coup against elected President Yanukovych) but at the same time the people and the state of Russia are giving an impression of a confused nation to the rest of the world. The government of Russia erroneously thinks that it has fulfilled its duty towards Russians (of mainland and Novorossiya) by saying that (i)- Because France and Germany are not participating in “Norman format” meeting of 15 January hence there is no point in joining it and (ii)- Participation of Novorossiya (Donetsk, Luhansk and nearby region) at this stage is not  needed in this meeting (because the talks in late December failed as the Ukrainian side was unprepared hence gave totally unacceptable and inconsistent suggestions therefore first Ukraine needs to be prepared).

Both of these premises taken by the government of Russia are a classic example of utmost confusion in the functioning of Russian state and more so of its people. Russia is not trying to understand that the Ukraine problem could have been solved if (after President Poroshenko got elected and assumed office end of May) the West & Ukraine had pressed (as declared by them during electioneering) for retrieve of Crimea. Because by that time (though referendum for independence or merger with Russia like Crimea had taken place in Donetsk & Luhansk region) much blood had not been shed by Russian speaking Ukrainians of this region for independence. Therefore at that time Crimea back with Ukraine and by invoking patriotism (among Russian speaking people too) things would have settled down in due course of time especially with constitution based on federalism.  

For the reasons best known to West (USA & its European allies) and Ukraine they (despite Budapest Memorandum 1994) did not press for retrieve of Crimea with the result huge bloodshed (coupled with immense sufferings of resident and displaced civilians) of Russian speaking people in Novorossiya region have taken place. Therefore even returning Crimea is now no solution to the Ukraine problem, because now the alienation of bleeding Russian speaking people of Novorossiya region is complete and irreversible.  Therefore now there is only one solution to Ukraine problem. Russia will have to go to war with Ukraine for assimilating  Novorossiya into mainland Russia by taking Donetsk, Luhansk and its neighboring region (to get geographical continuity with Crimea)

Russia presently is pursuing said confused and unethical policy because it is not the people of mainland Russia (who instigated, by example, the people of Novorossiya to go for referendum for independence / merger with Russia by doing Crimea) but the people of Novorossiya who are bleeding, getting killed, displaced and are facing every form of suffering for the last almost an year. Moreover unfortunately there seems to be no relief to the victims of Novorossiya unless they understand the apathetic mindset of mainland Russians and unless they pursue an effective policy (to wake-up the mainland Russians towards the miseries and sufferings of their brothers and sisters in Novorossiya) by publicly questioning (through media, demonstrations etc) the apathetic policy / attitude of the Russian state and its people towards people of Novorossiya,

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

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  • Jim

    Such a stupid deserves to be answered with fists, not words. Где же у нему УМ?

    • Please behave and put some effort in your way of argumentation. Thanks.

      • Jim

        The whole article is such a tissue of non-sequitirs – sound logic is nowhere to be seen – that there is nothing against which to formulate argumentation, nor is there a need for such a thing. For instance,

        “Russia will not [give back Crimea] (as it was taken after violent protests and military coup against elected President Yanukovych)”

        The supporting point is completely irrelevant to the assertion. The simple fact is that Russia annexed Crimea illegally and therefore is obligated by international law to return it. In fact, the reason given isn’t even true since there was no military coup.

        Falsehoods tossed together with atrocious logic compound the challenge in composing “argumentation” in response. In this case, it would be better to toss the article in the trash because there is no value in it whatsoever.

        It is a laughable article….

  • Thanks for your reply. Well, people have different opinions and different ways to express them. This guest contribution we are discussing here represents one opinion.