Russia should recognize Novorossiya

Many ways lead to Rome as a common saying goes. Regarding the escalating conflict in Eastern Ukraine which is demanding an increasing tribute of civilian life – as today in Mariupol – also many ways could lead to an end of this vicious circle of violence. Today’s guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain suggests that one such way could be the official recognition of Novorossiya by Russia.  Read this opinion below. Comments from Novorossiya News are in curly brackets { }.


In the interest of human rights, Russia should immediately recognize ‘Republic of Novorossiya’

Russia can’t expect rebels to fight eternally the Ukraine military without heavy killing & blood shed of civilians (ii)- Russia should keep geographically continuous Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk and neighboring region in Novorossiya (iv)- Russia should mobilize other countries, including especially India, to recognize Novorossiya (v)- Russia should use its deep-assets in India to conduct seminars in India before asking India to recognize Novorossiya

Dear Editor

Prominent print and electronic media has reported that rebels have succeeded in denying Ukraine military any control, worth the name, in Donetsk and Lugansk region. Moreover rebel leader Zakharchenko has declared that they will no longer pursue peace negotiation, which was expected as I have been arguing. In such a situation when as per UN ~ 5,000 have already been killed in East Ukraine, Russia can’t expect rebels to fight eternally the Ukraine military (with tanks, air power, heavy fire power etc) without further heavy killing and blood shed of civilians (including children, women and elders). Therefore in the interest of human rights, Russia should immediately recognize the Republic of Novorossiya as explained below:-

(1)- Let the future decide whether Russia should keep Novorossiya as separate country or assimilate it into Russia / RUSIND {RUSIND is the abbreviation for a common Russian-Indian state, more here} which is also justified as I mentioned in the Pakistan Christian Post. It will make the task of Russia much easier if Russia keeps geographically continuous Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk and the neighboring region as part of Novorossiya. After recognizing the Republic of Novorossiya, Russia should start mobilizing other countries, including especially India, to recognize Novorossiya.

(2)- Here Russia needs to come out of its mistake / wrong impression. Post cold war Russian leaders, including Putin, are under the wrong impression that Socialism is dead with the collapse of USSR hence there is no ideologically committed friend left on earth for Russia. First of all India’s friendship with Russia is not confined to Socialism but it is much deeper due to Russia’s help to India in winning 1971 Bangladesh war against Pakistan (which has made India free from any military adventure by Pakistan against India). Secondly Socialism (which is based on State-capital) is not dead. What was dead is Communism based on exclusive-State-capital and that too where State- capital was squandered and deployed incompetently and unprofitably in USSR.

(3)- With the failure of ‘exclusive-private-capitalism’ in removing unemployment (without which democracy has no meaning) even from West and especially from economically humble countries (including India) the ‘state-capital’ in joint-capitalism (private-capital plus state-capital) still remains relevant and which keeps Socialism (still enshrined in the preamble of Indian Constitution) a force to reckon with not only in India but all over the world. Here it is needless to say that despite collapse of USSR people all over the world still remember and have hope in Russia whenever Socialism is sought to be established in their countries.

(4)- In other words Russia still has deep assets in social, economic, political, defense, academic etc fields of India. Therefore Russia should utilize these deep assets in order to get seminars conducted in India before asking India to recognize Novorossiya. This will make the task of getting the Government of India to recognize ‘Republic of Novorossiya’ much easier, rather a cake walk for Russia.

It is hoped that in the interest of human rights and socialism, Putin will bring Russia again in its flying colors by immediately recognizing the ‘Republic of Novorossiya’ and then by getting other countries too to recognize the ‘Republic of Novorossiya’.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India


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