Russian FSB threatening Finnish activist

According to Finland’s largest newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat, Finnish activist Mikael Storsjö is being spied on and even threatened by the Russian intelligence service FSB. The rather long article which is available online, describes how Storsjö’s online activism in favor of Chechnyan insurgents provoked the Kremlin’s reactions. Storsjö’s “experience” with the FSB started when he hosted the Kavkaz Center website on his server.

According to Storsjö during the last years his home was several times the target of unauthorized entry. The intruders left messages or symbols that can be considered as threatening have been left in his home. For example in 2011 a dead bird was left on a metallic bowl. On other occasions items were formed to a cross on a fridge or an Orthodox cross has been drawn on a bathroom mirror. These incidents haven documented by Storsjö and pictures can be seen on the above linked news paper article. Storsjö assumes that Russian government forces, namely the FSB, are behind these intrusions in his home. This view is backed by several other persons such as British journalist Luke Harding. Storsjö also reports that he has been followed and photographed by unknown persons who fled when he approached them. The Finnish secret police which is informed about the case does neither confirm or deny Storsjö’s assumptions.

Despite a certain feeling of insecurity that these incidents caused, Storsjö decided to continue what he does in the name of freedom of speech. Also the installation of a security camera system seemed to stop the unwelcome visitors.

Storsjö’s case seems to be no singular event as also other activists or declared enemies of the Kremlin report similar incidents or are targets of negative Russian media articles or even high-level diplomatic outbursts. Storsjö and his supporters consider this as the Kremlin’s strategy to create another reality as part of Russia’s hybrid warfare (currently in Ukraine) where the Kremlin needs to build up stories for its own truth.


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