Shelling in Donetsk and ongoing fighting

According to a Russian news site, mainly citing separatist sources, Ukraine government forces have  shelled residential areas in Donetsk during the night between 27 and 28 October using the BM-21 Grad system. The separatist sources reported casualties. The site also cites Ukrainian sources that report of fighting in other parts and shelling of Donetsk airport by separatists. More information on fighting in Ukraine from 27 to 28 October can be found here.

Regarding any report on shelling of residential areas it has to be kept in mind that most likely the majority of residential buildings in the conflict zone are currently inhabited, since a significant amount of civilians has fled the area to Russia or other parts of Ukraine.

The full translation of the article by George B can be found below.


News article from, 28 October 2014, translated by George B:

Ukrainian Army hits Donetsk with 15 artillery strikes overnight

Donetsk, 28th October. At least two people were killed and another four wounded as a result of artillery strikes, directed by Ukrainian soldiers onto residential areas of Donetsk on Monday night. This is recorded in the rebels’ reports.

According to the Information Bureau of the Army of the South-East’s data, from 6pm Moscow Time on Monday to 5:35am Moscow Time on Tuesday Ukrainian forces carried out 15 artillery strikes on Donetsk, using the ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher system and conventional artillery. The Kievskii and Kuibyshevskii areas and the village Spartak came under fire. Shells also exploded in Putilovskii Park.

‘According to preliminary assessments, four tower blocks, located on Schorsa and Vzlyotnaya streets, were seriously damaged, as well as an out-patients’ clinic. Due to collapsed pylons and felled trees the electricity supply to the population has temporarily been cut off, and traffic is also blocked in some streets. As a result of the shelling two people have been killed and four wounded with various degrees of severity,’ – the report reads.

On the whole, the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic during the night underwent no essential change and remains tense, the rebels note. The Novorossiya forces recorded no fewer than 20 instances of breach of the ceasefire on the Ukrainian side.

‘At 12:15am and 1:05 am the Fascists shelled the settlements Faschevka and Striukovo from the area of Mogila Ostraya burial mound, and at 3:35am Rassypnoe and Strunovo were struck from the same positions. As a result two tower blocks and some maintenance buildings were damaged. One civilian was wounded. At 4am Kirovskoe was shelled from firing points located in the Yuzhnokommunarovka area. One block of flats was destroyed, two civilians wounded,’ the rebels report.

According to the Army of the South-East’s intelligence, Ukrainian troops removed 12 people from the settlements Smeloe and Sokonika in the Lugansk People’s Republic, using threats of physical reprisals and the use of firearms, under the guise of an operation for the detection of ‘terrorist collaborators,’ emphasize the Novorossiya fighters.

On Tuesday morning, say the rebels, Ukrainian soldiers ‘shelled Novotroitska and Dokuchayevska from the Volnovachy area, knocking down several buildings and wounding civilians’.

‘The sounds of battle and a cannonade of artillery fire have been audible In the Nikishino area since morning. Enemy aviation has been active over Yenakievo, Zhdanovka, Khartyzsk and Ilovaisk from the early morning to the present time. It appears that the Ukrainian forces are conducting reconnaissance – their aircraft are flying at limited altitude,’ the summary reads.

According to the rebel Yan, the Ukrainians’ total losses on the Novorossiya fronts over the last twenty-four hours are ‘not fewer than a company killed, and up to twenty five vehicles, including tanks (T-64) and APCs. The number of wounded is up to two companies.’ The situation remains tense, according to Yan. UAVs have been seen in certain areas of Donetsk and were fired upon.

For their part, the ATO press-centre states in its morning summary that during the night the rebels shelled Ukrainian forces’ positions in the environs of Donetsk Airport, near Debaltsevo and in the south of the ATO zone.

‘The rebels attempted to storm one of the ATO forces’ subdivisions near Talakovka. The attack was repulsed with no losses to the defenders. The Ukrainian forces destroyed one tank and a car and the partisans suffered losses,’ – states the document.

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