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No peace for Ukraine

As stated in an earlier article, doubts on the planned peace conference on 15 January in Astana, Kazakhstan, were justified. Today the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany announced that the peace talks have been postponed for an indefinite period of time, because no progress in implementation of the Minsk protocol has been … Continue reading No peace for Ukraine

Donetsk – Severe shortage of medical supplies

Donetsk’s three main hospitals suffer despite receiving some supplies from Russia under a severe shortage of supplies including drugs and fuel as the latest OSCE report informs. 98 patients are in danger of dying if their dialysis machines don’t receive immediate maintenance.  Modern dialysis machines cost several thousand US-Dollars per unit and containing sophisticated technology they … Continue reading Donetsk – Severe shortage of medical supplies

Shelling in Donetsk continues

According to Russian media quoting residents of Donetsk, the city was again under artillery fire on 8 January (English translation further below). Also Ukrainian media reports that units of the central government have come under indirect fire yesterday. Also discussions in Twitter suggest that mutual (!) shelling continued yesterday as the tweets below show. #BREAKING … Continue reading Shelling in Donetsk continues

Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan

The planned Ukraine summit on 15 January in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana might not necessarily take place as recent media reports suggest.  Ukraine’s president Petro Porosehnko initiated the meeting with the leaders of Russia, Germany and France in order to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in eastern Ukraine. French president Francois Hollande stated to … Continue reading Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan

Donetsk – more buildings destroyed

Despite the latest (temporarily failed) efforts to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and fragile ceasefire agreements, fighting in the Donbass region and especially the area of Donetsk continues and leaves more buildings and infrastructure destroyed. George B translated an article from Russian online news center Vzglyad that tells more on … Continue reading Donetsk – more buildings destroyed