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Kramatorsk attack – cluster ammunition used

Today the city of Kramatorsk and the Ukrainian military headquarter located at the Kramatorsk airport have been hit by rocket strikes that according to Ukrainian government sources were fired from separatist positions in Horlivka which is in roughly 50 km distance. The attacks killed at least seven civilians. A team of the OSCE witnessed the … Continue reading Kramatorsk attack – cluster ammunition used

Russia should recognize Novorossiya

Many ways lead to Rome as a common saying goes. Regarding the escalating conflict in Eastern Ukraine which is demanding an increasing tribute of civilian life – as today in Mariupol – also many ways could lead to an end of this vicious circle of violence. Today’s guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain suggests that … Continue reading Russia should recognize Novorossiya

New offensive in Ukraine

The leader of the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), Alexander Zakharchenko, announced in a statement to Interfax  a new offensive against government troops. Ukrainian officials are confirming a rebel offensive against government positions. This announcement and the apparently already started offensive naturally neutralize all diplomatic efforts for a peaceful solution of the conflict. The Minsk protocol never … Continue reading New offensive in Ukraine