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Shelling in Donetsk continues

According to Russian media quoting residents of Donetsk, the city was again under artillery fire on 8 January (English translation further below). Also Ukrainian media reports that units of the central government have come under indirect fire yesterday. Also discussions in Twitter suggest that mutual (!) shelling continued yesterday as the tweets below show. #BREAKING … Continue reading Shelling in Donetsk continues

The way to a Russo-Indian national state

Last week Novorossiya News presented in a guest contribution the ambitious plan of forming a common Russo-Indian state with the option of including former USSR states and members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). To many this idea which would redeal geopolitical cards might currently seem far fetched and unrealistic, but plans … Continue reading The way to a Russo-Indian national state

Donetsk – more buildings destroyed

Despite the latest (temporarily failed) efforts to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and fragile ceasefire agreements, fighting in the Donbass region and especially the area of Donetsk continues and leaves more buildings and infrastructure destroyed. George B translated an article from Russian online news center Vzglyad that tells more on … Continue reading Donetsk – more buildings destroyed

The United States of Russia and India?

With Russia and the European Union being as alienated from each other as during Cold War times (for the benefit of the USA), Russia needs to seek for new allies and strategic partners. This becomes even more important when the West’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and a potential revival of the Taliban – in the worst … Continue reading The United States of Russia and India?