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Belarus – Putin’s next plans

With the USA sinking in chaos and being occupied with itself under a fascist new president Trump, Russia’s government can think about its next steps to restore the once great Russian Empire. For example fighting in Eastern Ukraine has increased, greatly supported and conducted by Russian military personnel. A lot has been speculated what Putin … Continue reading Belarus – Putin’s next plans

Will Putin invade the Baltic states?

There is a great chance that Putin will order an attack on the Baltic states, because now is a perfect opportunity for Russia to neutralize NATO for good. Why is that? 1. America’s isolationist policy With Donald Trump being next president of the United States, the Kremlin’s favorite candidate will be in the White House … Continue reading Will Putin invade the Baltic states?

“Battle break” in Ukraine

While media has become less interested in the conflict in Ukraine in the general belief that the recent ceasefire is holding, the situation in eastern Ukraine actually remains critical. Both sides claim to withdraw their heavy weapons according to the Minsk agreements, but the OSCE can’t – as only neutral observer – confirm those withdrawals … Continue reading “Battle break” in Ukraine

Ukraine – playground of the (super)powers

It is not the first time that Novorossiya News tries to come up with more background information regarding geostrategic and geoeconomic aspects of the Ukraine conflict, but this topic requires regular updating especially when new information or thoughts appear. Everytime the West/US takes side in a conflict within another country and eventually starts a military … Continue reading Ukraine – playground of the (super)powers