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Russia must assimilate Novorossiya

Many might ask themselves today after yet another blood bath how to end the conflict in Eastern Ukraine resp. “Novorossiya”. While a peaceful solution again seems to have moved to a far distance, there are hopes and expectations set to Russia in a different kind of solution – incorporating the area of “Novorossiya” into Russia … Continue reading Russia must assimilate Novorossiya

Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

While the Ukrainian government insists that the separatist controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine remain a part of Ukraine, real life facts seem to show that some sort of independence of the separatist areas appears to be inevitable. “Novorossiya” as some sort of (independent or more likely dependent on Russia) state becomes reality that has to … Continue reading Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

Thoughts of a Briton who supports the separatists in Ukraine

As Novorossiya News is committed to make all sides in the current conflict in Ukraine been heard, we are naturally also interested by the thoughts of ordinary people that live in Ukraine, in Russia or elsewhere in the world and often have very differing ideas on the crisis in Ukraine. To provide these views we … Continue reading Thoughts of a Briton who supports the separatists in Ukraine