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“Battle break” in Ukraine

While media has become less interested in the conflict in Ukraine in the general belief that the recent ceasefire is holding, the situation in eastern Ukraine actually remains critical. Both sides claim to withdraw their heavy weapons according to the Minsk agreements, but the OSCE can’t – as only neutral observer – confirm those withdrawals … Continue reading “Battle break” in Ukraine

Minsk II failed?

It might be to early to draw final conclusions, but today’s events in the eastern Ukrainian town of Debaltseve suggest that the second ceasefire agreed upon in Minsk (Minsk II) has also failed. The widely expressed skepticism towards the recent agreement in the Ukraine conflict could have been justified. Expectations in Minsk II were never … Continue reading Minsk II failed?

No peace for Ukraine

As stated in an earlier article, doubts on the planned peace conference on 15 January in Astana, Kazakhstan, were justified. Today the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany announced that the peace talks have been postponed for an indefinite period of time, because no progress in implementation of the Minsk protocol has been … Continue reading No peace for Ukraine

Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan

The planned Ukraine summit on 15 January in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana might not necessarily take place as recent media reports suggest.  Ukraine’s president Petro Porosehnko initiated the meeting with the leaders of Russia, Germany and France in order to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in eastern Ukraine. French president Francois Hollande stated to … Continue reading Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan