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Belarus – Putin’s next plans

With the USA sinking in chaos and being occupied with itself under a fascist new president Trump, Russia’s government can think about its next steps to restore the once great Russian Empire. For example fighting in Eastern Ukraine has increased, greatly supported and conducted by Russian military personnel. A lot has been speculated what Putin … Continue reading Belarus – Putin’s next plans

Russia, the West, the truth and the dying

Warning the following text might disturb your perception of truth and Russia! These days it seems hard to distinguish truth and lies in the flood of news and social media reports. Two major conflicts of present time, the war in Ukraine and the war in Syria are just the peak of the iceberg when it … Continue reading Russia, the West, the truth and the dying

No peace in Donbass

Since the Minsk agreements there never really was a real peace in the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. Fighting continued though in a decreased intensity. In the recent months and weeks fighting in the Donbass region has intensified again, claiming a growing number of victims on both sides. The  death toll has increased to at least … Continue reading No peace in Donbass

Syria – Russia taking over world leadership?

Below is a guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain, originally received already on 1 November shortly after the crash and alleged “Islamic State” terror attack on an airbus with Russian tourists over the Sinai peninsula. Comments from Novorossiya News are in curly brackets { }. *** After plane crash too in Egypt by ISIS, Russia … Continue reading Syria – Russia taking over world leadership?