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Syria: When the first Russian aircraft is shot down…

Lately you can read in the news that the Syrian rebels are expecting to receive anti-aircraft weaponry that is able to shoot down Russian aircraft operating in Syria. Allow me some thoughts on what consequences it could have if one or even several Russian aircraft are shot down by these weapons which probably would not … Continue reading Syria: When the first Russian aircraft is shot down…

How US-Republicans forgot Ukraine

The following guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain points out that the Ukraine conflict was not mentioned by anyone during the CNN Republican debate. “Anybody who believes in Americanism will be frustrated and saddened by what was seen on TV on Wednesday during debate (between 11 Republican aspirants for US Presidency) moderated by CNN. Every … Continue reading How US-Republicans forgot Ukraine

Russian FSB threatening Finnish activist

According to Finland’s largest newspaper, the Helsingin Sanomat, Finnish activist Mikael Storsjö is being spied on and even threatened by the Russian intelligence service FSB. The rather long article which is available online, describes how Storsjö’s online activism in favor of Chechnyan insurgents provoked the Kremlin’s reactions. Storsjö’s “experience” with the FSB started when he … Continue reading Russian FSB threatening Finnish activist

More insider information from Russia’s troll army

The Russian government is putting a lot of efforts into influencing public opinion in the West especially when it comes to Ukraine and the still ongoing conflict there. The first reports about a Russian troll army that spreads the Kremlin’s point of view came up already last year and drew some attention to the St … Continue reading More insider information from Russia’s troll army

“Battle break” in Ukraine

While media has become less interested in the conflict in Ukraine in the general belief that the recent ceasefire is holding, the situation in eastern Ukraine actually remains critical. Both sides claim to withdraw their heavy weapons according to the Minsk agreements, but the OSCE can’t – as only neutral observer – confirm those withdrawals … Continue reading “Battle break” in Ukraine