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Arseny ‘Motorola’ Pavlovich remembered

Below is a guest contribution from “Drago0923” about commander “Motorola” who was killed in October 2016 by a bomb in his apartment. Arseny ‘Motorola’ Pavlovich remembered It is now approaching three months since Arseny Pavlov, also known as Motorola, was killed by Ukrainian Terrorists in Donetsk, in the elevator of his apartment building. This blatant … Continue reading Arseny ‘Motorola’ Pavlovich remembered

No peace in Donbass

Since the Minsk agreements there never really was a real peace in the battlefields of eastern Ukraine. Fighting continued though in a decreased intensity. In the recent months and weeks fighting in the Donbass region has intensified again, claiming a growing number of victims on both sides. The  death toll has increased to at least … Continue reading No peace in Donbass

How US-Republicans forgot Ukraine

The following guest contribution from Hem Raj Jain points out that the Ukraine conflict was not mentioned by anyone during the CNN Republican debate. “Anybody who believes in Americanism will be frustrated and saddened by what was seen on TV on Wednesday during debate (between 11 Republican aspirants for US Presidency) moderated by CNN. Every … Continue reading How US-Republicans forgot Ukraine

More insider information from Russia’s troll army

The Russian government is putting a lot of efforts into influencing public opinion in the West especially when it comes to Ukraine and the still ongoing conflict there. The first reports about a Russian troll army that spreads the Kremlin’s point of view came up already last year and drew some attention to the St … Continue reading More insider information from Russia’s troll army

Ukraine in the claws of the agroindustry

Western and Russian interests collide in Ukraine in several economic and political areas as discussed e. g. here. One economic area that has recently attracted more attention in the mass media is the Ukrainian agricultural sector which is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investors from Russia, the West, but also Saudi-Arabia. The fertile Ukrainian soil … Continue reading Ukraine in the claws of the agroindustry