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Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan

The planned Ukraine summit on 15 January in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana might not necessarily take place as recent media reports suggest.  Ukraine’s president Petro Porosehnko initiated the meeting with the leaders of Russia, Germany and France in order to find a peaceful solution for the conflict in eastern Ukraine. French president Francois Hollande stated to … Continue reading Doubts on Ukraine summit in Kazakhstan

Ukraine – playground of the (super)powers

It is not the first time that Novorossiya News tries to come up with more background information regarding geostrategic and geoeconomic aspects of the Ukraine conflict, but this topic requires regular updating especially when new information or thoughts appear. Everytime the West/US takes side in a conflict within another country and eventually starts a military … Continue reading Ukraine – playground of the (super)powers

Ukraine to import US nuclear fuel

According to media reports (ITAR-TASS article) Ukraine plans to import nuclear fuel for its nuclear power plants in future from the US based company Westinghouse, thus replacing nuclear fuel originating from Russia. Ukrainian state owned company Energoatom and Westinghouse, which biggest owner is the Japanese Toshiba group, have signed an agreement on nuclear fuel delivery … Continue reading Ukraine to import US nuclear fuel

Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

While the Ukrainian government insists that the separatist controlled areas in Eastern Ukraine remain a part of Ukraine, real life facts seem to show that some sort of independence of the separatist areas appears to be inevitable. “Novorossiya” as some sort of (independent or more likely dependent on Russia) state becomes reality that has to … Continue reading Statebuilding: “Novorossiya” a reality?

Economy: Ukraine and Russia in free fall

Russian and Ukrainian economy seem to be in free fall as latest media reports suggest. Both countries are definitely facing a serious economic crisis that can have a negative impact on efforts to find a peaceful solution in the Ukraine conflict. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is calling the European Union for urgent financial aid … Continue reading Economy: Ukraine and Russia in free fall

Russia and the Ukraine-conflict in German view

The  conflict in Ukraine puts German and Russian relationship under stress as can be well seen in recent articles from German media. The opinions (public opinion) mainly appears to be divided in voices that blame Russia and especially Putin as main culprit for the situation in Ukraine and such voices that accuse USA and NATO … Continue reading Russia and the Ukraine-conflict in German view