Thoughts of a Briton who supports the separatists in Ukraine

As Novorossiya News is committed to make all sides in the current conflict in Ukraine been heard, we are naturally also interested by the thoughts of ordinary people that live in Ukraine, in Russia or elsewhere in the world and often have very differing ideas on the crisis in Ukraine. To provide these views we strive to conduct interviews with such persons. Novorossiya News conducted an e-mail interview with a Briton who supports the idea of Novorossiya and seeks ways to actively support the separatists in Eastern Ukraine. For reasons of anonymity we don’t mention his real name here, but call him Lucas.

If you want to help Lucas to  join/more actively support the separatists in Eastern Ukraine,  contact Novorossiya News. We will forward your message to Lucas.

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Separatist in Lugansk, by Qupchak (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Novorossiya News: Lucas, please, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Lucas: I am just a simple man. I spent most of my life as a working man, builder and joiner, also part-time musician. I was born and bred in England, so I’m an Englishman. My education was not of high standard, just secondary school without certificates, for I left school early to work. I’m a single man with limited family, a brother, mother and father. I have no kids, for I haven’t married yet. I have a passion for cooking, music, literature, animals and current events. It sounds a bit strange to say, but maybe I’m kind of a misanthrope to the Western world I live in. Maybe for my feelings of how wrong it feels to me how Russia as a nation and her people in Novorossiya are being treated.

Novorossiya News: What is your motivation to support the idea of Novorossiya and the separatists in Eastern Ukraine?

Lucas: I have to say I believe in the cause of the people of Novorossiya and Mr Putin to help make Europe our own again and not under the thumb of the EU or USA. I have read on the news a lot of the great Alexei Mozgovoi [commander of a separatist unit]. I find him inspirational and righteous in what he does, he’s a great man, may god always be at his side. I myself worry on the humanitarian situation on the civilians and the brave defenders that have to put up with US financed artillery.  It’s really heart breaking to see people going through that, maybe the Donbass region is rich for the West, and richer for the USA to keep a buffer with EU states around the borders of Russia.

Novorossiya News: Especially Eastern European countries that have been part of the Soviet Union are glad to be members of the EU and fear that Russia has hegemonic plans to re-install some sort of Soviet Union or tsardom under Putin. What do you think about that?

Lucas: Hegemony? I wouldn’t call Mr Putin’s ideals as hegemonic. I see people seeing that, but it is more about unity than hegemony, like concentrating on a peace for all us Europeans and make good trade as a Nation not under the EU, NATO or America, but our own trustworthy selves. It doesn’t matter if someone is French, Russian, English, German or Scandinavian.  I would say in a sense we are all brothers even though for past wars and such in the past centuries.  I see stability in Mr Putin.

Novorossiya News: The European Union was mainly an European idea and many believe that it brought over the past decades prosperity and peace to its members. Who do you consider to be ‘under the thumb of the EU and USA’ and why?

Novorossiya News: How would you like to support the separatists in Eastern Ukraine? Would you be ready to participate in combat?

Lucas: I feel that maybe just myself won’t make any difference, but possibly just a little if I show my emotions over the conflict and make others think twice about EU and USA policies.  The sanctions that are imposed on Russia seem so schoolyard and childish. We all know why they make sanctions though? I don’t need to answer that.  I would take up arms to defend what is right against the growing fascism of the EU and USA that hide underneath a false veil they call ‘democracy’. If I didn’t voice, then my views are pointless.

Novorossiya News: How exactly do you think you could contribute to the cause of Novorossiya/the separatists?

Lucas: In any way I can.

Novorossiya News: Do you speak Russian or Ukrainian?

Lucas: I don’t speak Ukrainian, but maybe a little Russian.

Novorossiya News: Do you have any military background?

Lucas: No.

Novorossiya News: What is your impression of the media coverage regarding the Ukraine conflict in the media?

Lucas: The media coverage over here is always going to be Western biased. I tend to find online blogs and news from agencies like yours as the best for the truth that’s happening there, a lot gets overshadowed by the conflicts in the Middle East and the rise of ISIS, which makes me want to at least voice to other people that our Europe is important right now in front of that, and Russia should be a huge part of that.  It’s hard to elaborate in a short paragraph.

Novorossiya News: Would you describe your worldview? Do you consider yourself as follower of a certain political party or ideology? Which?

Lucas: Well, my views on the globe are simple, we all see the world as a smaller place these days, due to technology and such. I mean like everywhere is just a flight away, but my personal views are that I feel there is too much materialism in most parts, great divides of rich and poor, so many religions going fanatical and so much instability.  I find it sad that after the war my grandfathers fought from 1939 – 1945, the world still doesn’t learn its lessons.  In today’s politics though, I find it hard to grasp how a nation such as the USA feel it as their mission to throw their weight around in such a fashion that makes them feel they need to police the world.  I understand it all comes down to economy, corporate businesses and trade, but what I fail to see or understand is how such a crime ridden nation with such a poor record of ‘peace’ feels the need to school other great European Nations (that were born long before) in how things should be?  I just don’t believe in democracy of the West no more, it is a false democracy under  fascism! I feel its a mockery of not just Russia, but all European states and nations.  The USA have their second amendment [part of US constitution that protects the right of individuals of to keep and bear arms] what they value so much, well they also have NATO and the EU and seem to spend all their money on military. I have a lot of opinions on such as others but I just see the concern that bothers me most in the world right now to be in the Ukraine. Maybe Novorossiya and Ukrainians should be brothers, as I grew as a child Ukraine was always Russian,  but how can that happen with the influence of the meddling Yankees and EU? Maybe I don’t see the full picture but I speak from the heart! I don’t believe in these multicultural societies. I’m no racist and couldn’t care if a man was black, white or indigo I just think that cultures being mixed is like putting a flame to petroleum, and of course with the world being so small now. People should have their own place and feel at home there, I think then surely the world would be a more peaceful place? I mean, if people kept to their own gardens?

Novorossiya News: Many Ukrainians would disagree with you stating that ‘Ukraine was always Russian’. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919-1991) was technically a sovereign state as part of the Soviet Union. While it seems that Ukrainians and Russian see (or have seen) each other as sister people, the history between both people was not always peaceful.

Novorossiya News: What do you think of the Russian political system that is described by many as undemocratic with an authoritarian president running the state?

Lucas: I don’t consider the politics of Putin ‘authoritarian’, I rather see the politics of Russia allowing Europe to have some dignity back.  I understand that this conflict is closer to the heart of the people over there than mine, but I strongly feel to say I know my side.

Novorossiya News: Fascism, a term that you mentioned twice, is regularly connected to ideas and ideologies that promote xenophobia and oppose multicultural societies. Saying that people from different ethnicity shouldn’t mix is widely considered as racist. Could you explain this contradiction in your argumentation?

Lucas: I have views, but I’m by far not xenophobic either! I just believe the world would be a happier place if cultures didn’t try to integrate so much. We all as human species owe it to ourselves to never forget our homelands and cultures, but respect others, maybe the word ‘Separatist’ is the way to explain it. I’m English, yet we English always fight with the Scots, I just merely wanted to point out that Ukraine and Russia should be brothers.

Novorossiya News: You criticize the USA for its role of a ‘world police’, what do you think about Russian involvement in the current crisis in Eastern Ukraine and in the events on the Crimean peninsula?

Lucas: I see the Russian involvement in Crimea as being justified because it is her garden so Russia can do that.

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