Ukraine – playground of the (super)powers

It is not the first time that Novorossiya News tries to come up with more background information regarding geostrategic and geoeconomic aspects of the Ukraine conflict, but this topic requires regular updating especially when new information or thoughts appear.

Everytime the West/US takes side in a conflict within another country and eventually starts a military engagement apparently in the favor of that chosen side, media and politicians like to explain that is and has to be done for the (Western) idea of democracy, freedom and/or the own safety. The romantic idea of far away people fighting a cruel dictator and hungering for a copy of Western style democracy is for politicians naturally easier to sell at home than telling the truth about the real motives: geostrategic and geoeconomic interests. Securing resources (oil in Iraq) is only the most prominent real reason of (military) engagement in the name of democracy and freedom. Regarding US interventions in the 20st and 21st century it is rather obvious that US intelligence services (CIA) have staged incidents, created reasons for involvement, supported coups even against democratically elected  governments on several occasions (e. g. in Iran). Noteworthy are theories on how big (US) corporations benefit from such involvements, also by means of so called economic hit men. As known today, the recent US/Western involvements in other countries’ domestic affairs did not end well (e. g. Libya, Iraq) despite cruel despots being removed.

US-interests in Ukraine

In the case of Ukraine, US geostrategic interests are colliding with Russian interests  at the expense of the Ukrainian people. The European Union plays a role as willing and dumb servant of the US that plays with fire in other people’s home (=Europe) and just “leaves” when it gets too hot. While Russia is interested to keep Ukraine out of NATO and EU, the USA would benefit from the exact opposite. Why?

US companies are interested in exploiting Ukrainian natural resources (shale gas) which is something their Russian counterparts would also like to do. This issue has also been discussed shortly after the Maidan shootings in German TV magazine “Monitor”. Ukraine being a member of the EU would be easier to access for US companies especially if the new transatlantic free trade agreement TTIP is ratified, as it is supposed to make doing business for US companies in Europe easier (fracking!). Additionally Ukraine being a member of NATO which has devolved from a defensive alliance into an offensive organization under US lead as stated e. g. here, would give the USA more possibilities to put pressure on Russia and also the states of the Caucasus (yes there are also natural resources) if needed. This almost immediately brings in mind the case of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky who was according to some arrested, because he intended to “open” the Russian natural resources market for the West. It is clear that all the above mentioned can not be in Russia’s/Putin’s favor.

How America benefits from the current state

Having Europe and Russia successfully alienated from each other, the USA benefit from the current situation even if Ukraine would not become an EU and NATO member. First of all, Europe will turn more towards Washington again after the distrust created by the NSA spying scandal and also the highly criticized TTIP that at the beginning of 2014 seemed to be in danger due to growing protests can be realized easier with the US as the alleged only “partner” for Europe.  In a TTIP environment certain US companies might also have better chances to succeed over European rivals that are affected by sanctions against and from Russia.

Interesting is that the events which launched the crisis in Ukraine – the Maidan killings – happened just in time when in Europe political efforts against TTIP started to emerge.

CIA-operation in Kiev?

Regarding the killings at Maidan and the question of responsibility many questions remain open and the official version of the tragedy was questioned early yet again by German TV magazine “Monitor” which also highlighted the US interests in Ukraine and connections of Arseniy Yatsenyuk to diverse US organizations. There definitely seem to be leads that the events around Maidan have been influenced by outside parties, allegedly by the USA. This also made Hollywood director Oliver Stone to recently announce a documentary on this topic.

Sadly for the Ukrainian people, also Ukraine apparently is a “playing ground” for outside powers in their struggle geostrategic and geoeconomic interests.


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