Ukrainian convoy confusion in the media

You only see (that type of convoy) you want to see“, one could say. Once again a large number of vehicles ( also called convoy) entered Eastern Ukraine from Russian territory. The latest entering of Ukrainian territory by a Russian convoy happened yesterday, on 30 November 2014 and leaves again a lot of questions unanswered, but first to what we know from media reports and the OSCE spot report from that same day.

The Ukrainian government claimed that a Russian convoy consisting of 106 vehicles entered Ukraine without authorization. Reuters states that it transported military equipment for the separatists. German language Reuters even directly called it a military convoy without hesitation and further questions as the German financial newspaper “Handelsblatt” did.

The other side’s media speaks of one or two humanitarian aid convoy consisting of 40 and/or 60 trucks, e. g. Iran’s PressTV and Itar-Tass.

Additionally the latest report of the OSCE-mission deployed in Eastern Ukraine mentions 43 vehicles that passed the Ukrainian border and according to OSCE Ukrainian officials were present during a brief inspection process conducted by Russian border authorities.

This case is a really good example to show, how biased media reports on all sides, in every country can be – be it intentional or unintentional. One question is how many convoys really entered Ukraine on 30 November 2014? Assuming it was more than one convoy, every side’s media ignored that convoy that makes the other side look good or the own bad. Simplified: Western media and Kiev only sees the military convoy and Russian (and related) media only sees the humanitarian aid convoy.

Between all that the probably most reliable source – the OSCE – reports one convoy that returned to Russia on the same day. Interesting is also the role of Ukrainian officials during the inspection. Were they just puppets or did they have a role during that inspection?

These are just a few questions one could ask. Most astonishing is the ignorance of most media reports regarding the convoy(s) towards the OSCE-report. It is at least first hand information and not copied and pasted news agency articles, but still it remains mostly unquoted.

Life can be easy if you see the world in black and white, but you will never come even close to truth.

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