Ukrainian elections in Western media – different views

Tomorrows parliamentary elections in Ukraine are a hot topic also in Western media. Most articles tell about the candidates and their goals and discuss what consequences the outcome of the elections might have for the war in the East. While the general story of these news is mainly same, there are notably some interesting issues to be highlighted.

While the British Guardian writes that oligarchs and businessmen are “keeping a low profile” in these elections, some Ukrainians interviewed by the German “Der Spiegel” seem to have a totally different opinion on that. They believe that the same oligarchs are striving for power as before. Out of 10 interviewed Ukrainians four are not even going to vote and one is unsure. At least according to this article there seems to be a certain amount of discontent with Ukrainian politicians and the outcome of the Euromaidan. One interviewed soldier is so dissatisfied that he threatens the Kiev politicians to be punished by them after the war in the East has ended. This again backs the hypothesis of a Ukrainian stab-in-the-back myth: Soldiers that consider the Kiev politicians as traitors for the peace (which actually isn’t one) with the separatists in the East.

Not only the outcome of these elections is going to be interesting, but also the election turnout as a indicator of acceptance of the election’s results.


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