Young German fighting in Ukraine

Finnish newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat” gained access to a video allegedly captured by a 20-year old German that fights on side of the separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

The young German calls himself “Stirlitz“, possibly hinting to the Russian novel character Max Otto von Stierlitz. According to the Finnish paper, “Stirlitz” received the helmet mountable camera from Russian TV-channel RT, that gave out several of these helmet cameras to fighters in Eastern Ukraine. The video was allegedly shot near the Donetsk airport a few days ago. It shows a group of armed men, most of them uniformed, some of them in civilian clothes carrying boxes that appear to contain ammunition over a paved, open area with a few larger buildings at it’s sides. In the background you can see smoke and a few explosions can be heard.

Apparently the group of fighters was moving across an area that is shown on the map below (Northeast of marker), about 3 km Northeast of Donetsk airport in an area called Spartak with several larger buildings that seem to be warehouses or garages. The smoke seen in the background is located in the Southeast of the group’s position, possibly rising from one of the larger buildings there.

Today media in Europe reports that separatists have started to encircle the government held airport of Donetsk. Meanwhile media reports also state that separatist and Russian forces are moving towards the city of Mariupol.


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